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Nuggets of Knowledge from Rock Stars of Mobile Computing
Christine Miyachi
SEP 08, 2014 16:50 PM
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On May 6th, I was lucky enough to attend “Rock Stars of Mobile Computing” in Boston.  What a great format this was for a busy professional - a one day, jam packed list of very knowledgeable speakers.  I will definitely be attending these “Rock Star” formats in the future.  


I tweeted pictures and comments from the conference all day under the STC CC.  If you search twitter for the hashtag #RSMC you will find them.  


Here are some tidbits of wisdom from each speaker:


"Mobile and Cloud in Healthcare: From Hype to Reality”:  John Halamka, MD is the CIO at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.


Nugget:  He discussed federated databases and centralized databases and how somehow merging the two will bring a huge power all of us. He gave an example of his wife - a 50 year old Asian woman who had cancer and was trying to get information about treatments but there is no centralized databases for 50 year old Asian females.  But between her centralized database and other federated ones, she was able to hand cobble the information she needed.


APIs of Everything: Beyond the Mobile App, Peter Coffee, Vice President, Strategic Research,

Nugget: Nike Fuel Band and like hardware are on the downswing. There is a deemphasis on hardware. Is the bubble out of the wearable technology?  The sensors are good but the software puts the data in context and drives behavior change.  Norbert Weiner said information has mass.  The inform in information is a verb if you behave different.

How Mobile, Cloud, and Big Data Bring You Closer to Your Customers

Nick Brown, Senior Vice President, Mobile Strategy, SAP

Nugget: Devices are turning into people at the dinner table.  Screenagers are today’s teenagers with their devices.  

The Cloud is the Device: Toward Ubiquitous End-User Computing

Kit Colbert, CTO End-User Computing, VMware

Nugget: Remember when Sun said "The Network is the computer"?  Now it is “The Cloud is the Device”

The Intersection of Privacy, Mobility, and Cloud

Joshua Greenbaum (moderator), Principal, Enterprise Applications Consulting

Frank Ingari, President and CEO, NaviNet

Carlo Cadet, VP Customer Solutions, Perfecto Mobile

George Reese, Executive Director and Senior Distinguished Engineer, Dell Software

Nugget:  We must operate from a presumption that hackers are already into our data. The current business model is for consumers to share information with a loose understanding with how that information will be protected.  We've given things away, so we should not be surprised when we see a profile about ourselves.

Composable Enterprise: Cloud, Mobile, and Internet of Things

Krishnan Subramanian, Director OpenShift Strategy, Red Hat

Nugget: The bulk of IT spending in 2016 will be for cloud computing.


Leveraging Cloud Computing to Fulfill the Promise of Mobile Applications


Bernard Golden, Vice President, Strategy, ActiveState

Nugget:  Everything fails all the time.  Mobile apps are seeing more users and put a much greater load on the back end - solution is mobile+cloud.  




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