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8 Best Practices - DevOps within Financial Services.
According to Forrester Research, we have entered the era of Continuous Delivery. Clients are shifting from agile transformation to DevOps, while modern application delivery leaders are embracing DevOps to accelerate delivery of innovation.
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Regulation and Compliance within Health Sector
This webcast will highlight a major healthcare organization’s journey to implement better quality management approaches that impact its ability to achieve compliance for regulatory requirements. Learn how certain practices can reduce complexity and improve traceability and collaboration.
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Transforming Application Delivery for Continuous Innovation - Lightning Talks
Learn from real experiences in transforming large organizations for increased speed and quality using a DevOps approach.
Explore the characteristics and behavior of fast-moving companies, based on hundreds of assessments, interviews and implementations.
Begin a self-assessment designed to give you a better understanding of your organization's readiness and next steps to continuous innovation.
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Analyst Report -- IBM is the champion! Info-Tech Vendor Landscape: ALM 2015
As development lifecycles get shorter and complexity increases, Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tools provide transparency and automation in a process agnostic context
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DevOps - The IBM Approach
The IBM solution for DevOps helps an organization collaborate across a broad group of stakeholders that includes not only development, but also line of business, clients, and operations teams. This paper explains the IBM approach to DevOps.
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The New Software Imperative: Fast Delivery With Quality - Eight DevOps Practices Are The Key To Success
The pressure to develop and deliver quality software has entered a phase of new intensity. It’s no wonder. Demands for customer-oriented software, systems to counter digital competitors, and software-driven business innovations make application development crucial to business success.
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Five vital steps for successful software delivery in a chaotic world:
Delivering applications that meet the needs of the business can be a challenge in a complex business climate that is constantly changing. Diverse, multiple heterogeneous environments are the norm, all of which must be maintained and deployed
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DevOps Self Assesment Tool
Get lean. Get agile. Get started. Take the IBM DevOps Practices Self-Assessment to evaluate the state of your current software delivery approach. Quickly identify a path for growing competitive advantage through software-driven innovation.
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DevOps for Dummies - Series II
Today’s fast-moving world makes DevOps essential for any business aspiring to be agile and lean, in order to respond rapidly to changing customer and marketplace demands. DevOps helps you achieve continuous delivery of software-driven innovation and this book helps you understand DevOps and how your organization can gain real business benefits from it. In this NEW 2nd edition, you will learn how Cloud accelerates DevOps, and understand IBM’s own DevOps transformation story that you can apply in your organization.
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