4 Ways Startups Are Helping Their Teams Bonds
NOV 18, 2016 19:27 PM
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4 Ways Startups Are Helping Their Teams Bonds

By Larry Alton

Startup success is tied to a number of different factors, but it’s hard to deny the importance of a unified team that works together for the common good of the business. That’s why you need to do everything you possibly can to help your team bond from day one.

Here Are Four Specific Things You Can Do

A lot of the bonding process will have to do with the unique variables that exist within your startup. How many employees are there? Is everyone similar in terms of age and experience? Do people already know each other, or is everyone a stranger?

You’ll certainly want to consider questions like these and then tailor your approach accordingly. With that being said, here are a few specific things that most teams can benefit from doing:

1.     White Water Rafting

The first couple of ideas on this list are adventurous because there’s something powerful about taking a person outside of their comfort zone and surrounding them with new people. Suddenly, they have to rely on new people and quickly find out these people are trustworthy. The first great example is white water rafting.

“When you’re hurtling down a series of rapids, you depend upon your guide and your fellow rafters,” Expedia explains. “Learning to paddle in unison is one of life’s great unifiers. Pulling a fellow rafter from the swirling waters back into the safety of a raft can empower us to instinctively reach out and connect with others in our day-to-day lives. Rafting teaches us that we’re all in this boat together.”

2.     Ropes Course

Another great option is a ropes course. A ropes course is a metaphor for life. Some parts are easier for certain people, while other parts are much more challenging. There are times when you’ll have to take a leap of faith and trust your equipment. There are also moments where you’ll have to rely on others for encouragement. In other words, there’s a little bit of everything.

For best results, try combining both low ropes and high ropes courses. Start with the former and then allow your team to work its way up to the latter. This allows for a sense of tangible progress.

3.     Morning Team Building Games

Don’t have time to get out of the office and spend an entire day hurtling down white water rapids or traversing wires high above the ground? No worries – you can still invest in a little team bonding from the comforts of your office.

While little team building games can seem cheesy at first, they can ultimately bring people together. For the first few weeks that your team is together, play one team building activity each morning for five or ten minutes. You’ll learn a lot about each other and your team will eventually look forward to these activities. Here’s a list of ideas.

4.     Setting Goals

The final tip is just to set goals. When your team has a common set of goals to work towards, they’re forced to brush off all of their surface-level differences and instead focus on reaching the one thing that really matters. In the beginning, these can be small goals such as “call 50 prospects by the end of the day.” After some time, larger goals like “sell $250,000 by the end of the year” may become more meaningful.

Everything Starts With Relationships                                                        

A startup obviously needs a unique and promising product idea to have any chance of being successful, but don’t deny the supreme importance of strong and healthy relationships within your organization. With solid bonds between co-workers at every stage of the business, your company will have a much greater chance of improving and growing over a long period of time.


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