Which Product Configurator Software is Ruling 2017?
MAR 06, 2017 17:46 PM
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Which Product Configurator Software is Ruling 2017?

By Drew Hendricks

From CPQ to Q2C, contractor management software to web based product configurator software, already 2017 is offering a smorgasbord of product configurator software options. Which one is right for your business? There’s no one size fits all answer. It depends on your business, your goals, numerous economic factors, where you’re located and scores of additional conditions. What’s important is identifying the best software for your goals that fits into your company and your budget.

However, there are a few key elements that all product configurator software should have in common. First, they all need to be user-friendly. If a product is too difficult to get rolling, it will be abandoned and a number of employees won’t adopt it. Software also needs to be updated in real-time when applicable. Outdated data is sometimes worse than no data at all.

Businesses deserve software that’s automated and integrates with all current and future software. If it’s not automated, you’ll wonder what the point of having it is. If it doesn’t integrate, that’s like having to choose the favorite between your children. Finally, software should be affordable, and that’s highly subjective. In short, affordable means priced well for the type of business targeted, no contracts, and a generous trial offer so you know what you’re getting into.

Which product configurator software should you be checking out in the coming year? Check out this list of potential business savers:

1.      Configure price quote software (CPQ). This beloved sales tool helps businesses identify quotes accurately and quickly. It takes all the complexity out of business rules, pricing, complicated products and more to automate quotes in real-time. Sales teams have everything they need to work with customers, and when you’re backed by reliable data that naturally increases the confidence of any sales team member. It’s the software that does exactly as the name implies: configures price quotes for your sales team to stop errors, time wasting and doubt.

2.      Quote-to-cash software (QTC). Sometimes considered part of the CPQ family, QTC software is a little different. It’s software designed to enhance the closed cycle sales teams rely on for profit. From quote all the way to getting the cash, QTC is an IT term for automated and integrated governance of business processes. Yes, quotes are also created with this software for a specific prospect and it’s used for a negotiation tool. However, QTC takes it a step beyond CPQ because it focuses on the complete sale cycle. At heart, QTC embraces the ABC motto of every sales team member.

3.      Contractor management software. As businesses evolve in the Digital Era of mobile readiness, contracting isn’t what it used to be. Although “outsourcing” still carries a bit of a stigma, whether you hire contractors, outsource freelancers or call it something else, more and more companies are relying on these professionals. It’s a means of testing out a potential new hire in some cases, while other times contractors are simply needed on part-time or short-term projects. A business isn’t responsible for providing perks, incentives and insurance to these workers (who are often paid at a higher rate than employees), so in ideal situations everyone wins. Contractor management software helps businesses of all size manage their contractors and related data.

4.      Web based product configuration software. Configuring and managing your products grows increasingly complicated as you add more inventory. Once a business has thousands of products, it’s nearly impossible to configure everything by hand, especially in an error-free manner. Taking the initiative to start configuring products early in a web-based environment will reduce errors, speed up processes (and keep the sales team from going nuts).

These are just four of the potential product configuration solutions dominating in 2017. Depend on a reliable company like SalesForce to offer the best software and the most generous trial offers.


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