How Technology Allows Your Business To Outsource Without Going Overseas
MAY 11, 2017 16:53 PM
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How Technology Allows Your Business To Outsource Without Going Overseas

By Larry Alton

Outsourcing is something formerly available only to businesses and people with large amounts of cash flow. Thanks to the internet, every business, entrepreneur, contractor, and individual now has access to outsourcing services to help relieve some of their duties. The best part is that on the internet you can outsource locally – you no longer have to outsource overseas.

An outsourcing revolution is taking place

Although the quality of outsourcing services has greatly increased over the last few years, outsourcing still has a poor reputation in some people’s minds because many outsourcing companies provide subpar service. Companies have been known to outsource simple tasks, like writing web copy, to people overseas to save money. The end result is poorly written content with a plethora of grammar mistakes and odd word usage. However, that’s not a complete picture of what outsourcing is about. Some businesses outsource tasks not to save money, but to get high quality results from experts they don’t have access to in-house.

High quality outsourcing

A few years ago, Ari Meisel and Nick Sonnenberg made it easier than ever for businesses to outsource services at a reasonable rate and have those services performed by highly qualified experts in their field. Formerly known as “less doists,” Ari and Nick’s has exploded into a reliable way to get things done.

While their service provides professionals from all over the world, you always have the option of requesting a U.S. based expert for everything from website development and graphic design to ghost writing your book.

While these guys transform the way we think of outsourcing tasks, let’s look at outsourcing tech support. Isn’t there a better solution?

Outsourcing tech support overseas creates frustration

One of the most frustrating user experiences when it comes to technology has always been overseas tech support. There are actually businesses that specialize in being the intermediary for tech support. That’s right, overseas tech support can be so difficult for some people that they actually pay businesses to call tech support for them.

The problem with outsourcing tech support is twofold. First, there’s a language barrier that makes it difficult for both parties to understand each other. Combined with the fact that both people perceive each other as having accents, things are even more difficult. Then, because the issue is tech related, it’s even harder to resolve the issue because that creates another language barrier.

But the idea of outsourcing tech support overseas is changing as well. TechToUs is an innovative solution to the issue of finding affordable U.S. based tech support that eliminates the double language barrier and makes it easy for individuals and businesses to get the tech support they need without having to call the overseas support provided by the manufacturer.

According to the FAQ section of their website, all of their techs work out of a physical office in Hartford, CT. This means you’re not just calling a U.S. phone number that’s being re-routed to a remote worker who could literally be anywhere – you’re actually connecting with a legitimate business with people standing by to help you out. They also support a wide variety of devices and operating systems, including Apple.

Caution: don’t outsource your entire life

Although brilliant entrepreneurs like Tim Ferris advocate for the simplicity of outsourcing everything you can in order to have more time to yourself, it’s possible to take outsourcing too far.

For example, if you have enough money to outsource every task you dislike in business and in your personal life, you remove yourself from the world – meaning you’re no longer contributing value to the world.

The world might appear to run on money, but beneath that, the world runs on the currency of value exchange. And while many people today seem to have an aversion to getting their hands dirty and working in the physical world, that action is part of what keeps the engine of society running.

The world will miss you if you decide to outsource your entire life. Plus, there’s something satisfying about completing a day’s worth of work and being able to relax after you’re done for the day. 

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