The Most Sought-After Computing Careers of 2017
DEC 28, 2017 00:22 AM
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The Most Sought-After Computing Careers of 2017

by Lori Cameron
It's the holidays, folks, and hopefully you're taking a break from the job hunt.
You've earned it.
Now that the year is almost over, it's time to take a look back and see what employment opportunities trended well on our jobs board in 2017 [].
The results of our informal survey of the top 50 most popular job searches reflect a healthy interest in academic and industry positions, as well as insight into what types of positions our community is looking for.
The most sought-after position in industry was overwhelmingly software engineer, which comprised roughly 17% of the top 50 searches.
Earlier this year, we interviewed George Hurlburt, chief scientist at STEMCorp, and Jeffrey Voas, computer scientist at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, about which software engineering careers will see the most growth in the next few years. 
Hurlburt mentioned how networks permeate physics, chemistry, biology, psychology, sociology, economics, and mathematics, making applied network science a demanding field. 
Voas mentioned three areas artificial intelligence, algorithms, and understanding how data/data analytics feed business and economic decisions.
“Understanding the three areas together make for a very valuable software engineer for today’s world of Internet of Things, Blockchain, Mobile Apps, Big Data, and Cloud Computing,” Voas said.
If your interest lies in software engineering, Hurlburt says, learning should be lifelong. 
“Change continues to accelerate at unprecedented rates requiring acquisition of new skills with the passage of time,” Hurlburt said.
Voas added, “I only hired those who had a passion for solving hard problems and were willing to work until a problem was solved.”
Beyond software engineering, our jobs board visitors gravitated toward positions in computer programming, software architecture, and information technology, each comprising about 7-8% of searches. 
From there, interest focused on openings for database developers, research analysts, application developers and engineers, business and data analysts, and network engineers.
The only positions that gave software engineering a run for its money were academic positions—from lecturers all the way to full professors and administrators. Searches came in at a whopping 20%. The No. 1 search was for a continuing lecturer position at Purdue University. The eighth highest search was for numerous faculty positions at the University of South Florida’s College of Engineering.
What kind of computing career are you looking for?
The CS jobs board lists full-time and part-time jobs, summer research positions, and internships—a one-stop job-hunting source for computer and software professionals everywhere.
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