What is all this talk about Machine to Machine Solutions?
Ken Chong, Computing Now Content Manager for the IEEE Computer Society
AUG 24, 2012 06:54 AM
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Having been in the Smart Grid Energy Management industry, I am very familiar with machine to machine solutions that enable greater efficiencies through automated processes.  But automation is not just about removing the manual process, it is more about humans utilizing smart machines to make processes faster, more reliable, able to operate on a large scale and timely.  All this leading to greater efficiencies, faster productivity and reduced costs.

So what are machine to machine solutions?  These are solutions where machines communicate with one another via a central server or management center.  We have machines do this because there is a need to transmit vast and varied amounts of data.  In a business setting, customer data, product preferences, shopping behaviors, all lead to business intelligence modeling.  In a factory setting, temperature sensors provide feedback on the equipment and raw materials throughout the production line as well as on the facility itself as it is being monitored for temperature, ventilation compliance and noxious fumes.  Upon obtaining all the varied data, appropriate actions are automatically initiated per the goals of the human operators or programmers. Take these processes and multiply them a hundred or thousand fold or even more and you have a scenario that can be made more efficient via machine to machine communications /solutions.

Machine to Machine is a growing technology category as it addresses the previous scenarios and more. 

In previous years, companies had to assemble multiple components to create a machine to machine solution, custom for specific processes.  Today, the marketplace sees technology innovators quickly work to meet new challenges.  As they are major player in the communications industry, I am not surprised that Verizon Wireless is one of those innovators with their Machine to Machine (M2M) Management Center.  As you would expect, their M2M Management Center technology powers machine-to-machine services that enable the secure connection of smart devices, remote assets, machines and systems across a wireless network. 

An easy way for you to find out more about the below list of benefits offered by the Verizon Wireless Machine to Machine Management Center is to simply click here.


M2M Solution benefits:

  • Improved device connectivity, provisioning and usage management.
  • Managed remote devices either using the self-service portals or by integrating Unified Web Services APIs into your enterprise applications.
  • Ensured business continuity.
  • Redundant connectivity that supports continuity of operations and disaster recovery plans.
  • Maintained data security using secure wireless and Internet technology that segments a business' data from the public Internet.
  • Connection of a company's data infrastructure to remote locations.
  • Giving remote workers access to your company data networks.


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